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Multiple men preparing for fall protection training

Fall Protection Courses in Lethbridge and Taber

If your work requires you to leave stable ground, no matter how high above, there arises the need to take measures to prevent risks to safety and health. Gateway Safety Services Ltd. offers fall protection courses in Lethbridge, Taber and surrounding areas to help workers ensure safety when working at heights. 


Our comprehensive Fall Protection Training programs are designed to address the crucial safety needs of workers across various industries, including construction, mining, oil and gas, and forestry. Our training covers all aspects of fall protection equipment usage, such as harnesses and ladders, aimed at minimizing accidents and ensuring workplace safety.

Man practicing fall protection with a dummy

What Does the Training Entail?

Our course curriculum emphasizes hazard prevention, fall protection systems, and procedural guidelines to equip workers with the necessary knowledge and skills. From wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to adhering to safety protocols, our training ensures full compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.


How often should training be provided? Depending on your province's regulations and workplace changes, periodic training updates are essential. We recommend a standard interval of three years between each fall protection program, with flexibility based on specific workplace needs.

*NEW* Fall Protection – Energy Safety Canada

Duration: 8 hours

Purpose: Basic training for personnel working at heights

Course Description:

  • Fall protection basics

  • Hierarchy of hazard controls

  • Anchor points

  • Connectors

  • Body holding devices

  • Working at elevated locations

  • Equipment care

  • Rescue

  • Assessing fall hazards practical applications

Class Size Max: 20

Fall Protection – Personal (End User)

Duration: 8 hours

Purpose: Basic training for personnel who work with fall-protection equipment

Course Description:

  • Legislation

  • Proper use of equipment

  • Introduction to the physics of falling

  • Equipment maintenance and care

  • Work are hazard assessment

  • Fall protection planning

  • Rescue planning

Class Size Max: 20

Fall Protection for Rig Workers – Energy Safety Canada

Duration: 2 Days

Purpose: Provide rig workers with an understanding of the basic principles of fall protection.

Course Description: Principles of Fall Protection. This course is the prerequisite for 1 Day Rig Rescue Course

  • Anchorages & devices

  • Body support devices

  • Connecting components

  • Connecting devices

  • Lifelines and ladder climbing systems

  • Legislation in BC, AB, Saskatchewan

  • In addition to PPE, participants are required to bring a hard hat with chin strap

Class Size Max: 20

Fall Rescue for Rig Rescue – Energy Safety Canada

Duration: 8 hours

Purpose: Is to introduce students to basic rescue equipment, procedures, techniques, perform various rescues in a controlled environment and stimulate the students ability to reason in any emergency situation.

Prerequisite: Must have a valid Fall Protection for Rig Work certificate

Course Description: Rescue team roles

  • Basic rescue equipment

  • Ropes and knots

  • Mechanical advantage

  • Management of escape buggy

  • Scenarios for skills, equipment, preparation and procedures

Class Size Max: 12

Two men along with various industrial safety equipment

Training for Working at Heights

Invest in the safety of your workforce with our Fall Protection Training programs designed for most industries.

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