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"Train the Trainer" Program in Lethbridge

Gateway Safety Services offers a Train The Trainer program in Lethbridge which is a 3-day training program that will allow participants to train in-house staff. We offer a variety of safety training courses and a number of business safety solutions in Lethbridge. Our instructors have over 65 years of combined driving experience to provide you safe and reliable truck driving services. Whether you are beginner student or an experienced truck driver who needs a refresher course, our Train The Trainer course in Lethbridge will benefit all. 

We Teach the Fundamental Rules of Training

Our "Train the Trainer" course will equip you with:

  • Proper training techniques

  • Presentation techniques

  • Regulations and legislation CSA

  • Proper documentation

  • Skills knowledge


Participants can choose from:

  • Counterbalance forklift (class 1, 4 and 5)

  • Rough terrain forklift (class 7) telehandler, oilfield loader

  • Skid steer

  • Loader

  • Scissor lift, boom lift

  • Light boom truck

  • Fall protection


  • TDG


The 3-day training program is broken down to:

  • Day 1 Training Techniques

  • Day 2 Training Techniques

  • Day 3 Specific Training on Skills

Our Flexible Course Options:

Participants can also take the first two days and learn training techniques. This is for companies that have in-house training programs but need instructor training.

On completion of the program the instructors can use one of the following paths:

  1. The instructor can train in-house using their own materials or the owner’s manual for books. The company will issue their own training cards and maintain their training records. Recertification not required but recommended every 3 years.

  2. Instructor can train in-house and purchase our manuals at $15 per manual. The company will issue their own training cards and maintain their training records. Recertification not required but recommended every 3 years.

  3. The instructor can use Gateway Safety Services books and materials and Gateway will issue cards and maintain records. For this option the instructor must:

    1. Complete the Train The Trainer.

    2. Be evaluated one time in a classroom setting. (Cost: $500+GST)

    3. Recertification required, the instructor must take Gateway Safety Services standard course every 3 years. (Cost $120 -175 for recertification)

    4. The instructor must file proper documentation with Gateway Safety Services.

    5. The instructor must be registered in the training course with Gateway Safety Services before the course. Instructors will be audited randomly to ensure quality assurance.

    6. Training material costs: You must purchase material from Gateway Safety Services. There will be a $45 per person registration fee. This includes:

      1. Book and material

      2. Temp card

      3. Permanent card

      4. Long-term records

What Is the Aim of the "Train the Trainer" Program?

Our Train the Trainer course in Lethbridge will help equip you with the right kind of knowledge you will need to train other people. No matter how much of an expert truck driver you may be, you may not be effective in delivering this expertise to your trainees. With our course, we hope to help individuals acquire better planning and training skills for them to become good trainers and mentors. If you are experienced and skilled at what you do but want to take that skill one notch higher by being a better instructor and trainer in your area of expertise, this program is for you.


Why Choose Us?


At Gateway Safety Services, we promise a learning environment that is enabling and perfect to hone your skills as a trainer. The experts we have on board have years of experience backing them. That’s not all - we also make sure that our instructors stay up to date with the latest teaching techniques so that you can stay ahead of the race and make sure that your classes are lively, interesting as well as super-resourceful. When you learn from the best, you will be able to train others better and our Train the Trainer program in Lethbridge makes sure of it.

Objectives of the "Train the Trainer" Program

Take a look at some of the objectives behind coming up with this course:

Better planning skills: the course is designed to help you plan your classes and presentations better and more effectively.

Training tools: our instructors will equip you with the right kind of teaching tools.

Theory of training: our course will dissect the theories of teaching adults so that you can develop the right kind of strategies.

Keeping the class interesting: at the end of the course, you will master the elusive art of keeping your class interested and attentive.

Classroom management: this course will help you keep your class motivated and also to make the flow of your material comprehensive and smooth. You will also be able to make your trainees work constructively together.


Learn to employ your skills better: our course will help you play on your own talents and abilities to develop successful teaching strategies.


In order to participate in the Train The Trainer program in Lethbridge, the participant must have completed Gateway Safety Services standard training course within 6 months of the Train The Trainer program.

To learn more about the Train The Trainer services in Lethbridge, get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.

Train The Trainer Cost:
$1200 for the full 3 day program
If you have any questions please contact:

Howard Versteeg CRSP
Office: 403-328-8496
Cell: 403-330-5677
Fax: 403-320-8446


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