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Air Brake Course Q Endorsement in Lethbridge and Taber

If you are planning to operate vehicles with air brakes in Alberta, the Government of Alberta requires you to have your driver’s licence approved for air brake “Q.” Whether you want to drive a motorhome, bus, or grain truck, we have the right training course for you at Gateway Safety Services Ltd. we offer Air Brake Course Q Endorsement to drivers in Lethbridge, Taber, and surrounding areas. 


Professional training is crucial for aspiring commercial drivers, providing essential skills and knowledge for safe and confident driving. Our program covers everything from operating vehicles safely to pre-trip inspections, ensuring drivers are well-prepared for the road.

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Who Must Complete the Approved Air Brake Course?

Air brakes generate air pressure through a compressor, distributing it to the vehicle's brakes via hoses, reservoirs, and control valves. To legally operate air brake-equipped vehicles in Alberta, drivers in classes 1 through 5 must complete an approved air brake course to obtain the Q endorsement on their licence.


In Alberta, drivers operating single-motor farm vehicles are exempt from air brake endorsements. However, those driving farm vehicle combinations requiring a Class 1 licence must obtain the endorsement. 


Completing an approved air brake course and passing the written test at a registry office earns drivers the Q endorsement.


Our comprehensive air brake course covers theoretical knowledge and practical skills, including classroom sessions, practical training, and tests. Upon completion, drivers can obtain the Q endorsement by passing the knowledge test at a registry office.

Alberta Transportation Air Brakes (Q Endorsement)

Duration: 10 - 12 hours

Purpose: Basic training in air brake systems on vehicles

Course Description:

  • Braking fundamentals

  • System operation

  • Brake system inspections

Class Size Max: 18

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Get Q-endorsed

Gain the confidence to pass your air brake written test with our comprehensive course.

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